Very Fresh – Clean Touch b/w Pale Lips


Gooden is no stranger to the stage, nor to the particular breed of whipsmart grunge rock she’s making as Very Fresh. Before she pursued her own solo songwriting she plays bass Railings and collaborated with Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz in the Pavement cover band Babement. (Dupuis also used to play in Very Fresh, as did Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader of Ava Luna.) Joined in Very Fresh by Leapling drummer Alejandro Salazar Dyer and former Palehound guitarist Ben Scherer, Gooden wails without ever raising her voice and thrashes without losing control. Everything about “Clean Touch” is calculated and measured, her delivery would almost be a sneer if it wasn’t for a total lack of malice. Instead, it all unfolds with the levity of a calm observer who is right on the verge of total explosion. In the midst of that pent-up energy exists the crux of “Clean Touch,” a coiled jumble of potential thrumming through jagged melodies. Gooden’s lyrics eviscerate the present with an eye ever on the future, so we watch hers just as eagerly. -Stereogum