Radical Dads – Cassette Brain


Released Oct 4, 2014 on Old Flame Records

Brooklyn-based trio Radical Dads, who have been making loud music with a pop sensibility since 2008, have something new for us since their driving 2013 LP, Rapid Reality. Their EP Cassette Brain is on its way, out next month, and it’ll feature two brand-new tracks and two older B-sides.

The first track, “In The Water”, is nothing short of punk rock gold, featuring a layering of clean hooks over distorted rhythm guitar alongside Robbie Guertin’s signature crashing drums. Singer Lindsay Baker’s voice is loud and clear on this one, and not lacking one bit in emotion—at the fringes of her phrases, she communicates a sense of desperation that’s only compounded with time. The buildup is gradual but effective, with the song radiating frustrated energy as it builds. You can practically feel the heat coming off of it.