How To Be Topp – Offshore Accounts EP


The quartet’s name is an obscure reference to the 1954 illustrated book by Geoffrey Williams and Ronald Searle, How to be Topp: A Guide to Sukcess for Tiny Pupils, Including All There is to Kno about Space. How it’s reflected in the band’s mixed-genre sound is unclear, as the band buzzes through and around many sounds without ever really landing on one home planet.
They’ve got bluesy and earnest vocals winding- and occasionally meeting in lush harmonies- above growling psych guitar, buzzing bass, and subtle yet playful synth elements. The jazziest track on the EP is the last, ”Boardwalk,” infusing the album fun imagery (“Hanging out under the boardwalk with your tattoos”), with organ-like keys and upbeat dance drums. Their EP, Offshore Accounts, features 4 songs, and was recorded at Gravesend Studios and produced by Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader of Ava Luna.
-Bushwick Daily