Conveyor – Ani Mang EP


“If it looks strange, trust me, it will be stranger yet” comes early in Conveyor‘s new EP, Ani Mag. Given that these four tracks are stripped-down, acoustic skeletons, some of which will be fleshed out with the band’s bombastic style on their upcoming 2015 full length, it will be stranger yet. Their first full-length featured plucky guitars and Tropicalia swagger (“Mane“), while last year’s “Mammal Food” single showcased summery harmonies in a haze of distortion. With Ani Mag, tracked in one day at Gravesend Recordings in the Brooklyn art space Silent Barn, this Brooklyn-by-way-of-Florida act packs away their enormousness in exchange for early-’70s singer-songwriter delicacy. Even if the mellow quality of these songs isn’t permanent, they provide a welcome opportunity to clearly hear the fusion of voices and musical proficiency that makes Conveyor a group to watch.

-Wondering Sound