Ben Seretan – Three Sisters Music


Guitar and vocals throughout recorded live, in one continuous take (we hit record, I played for about 90 minutes without stopping. That’s the music). We added a few janglies and a little bit of synthesizer – that’s it.

This music sounds like: swimming, horses running in the sand, various birds and the desire to fly away, the ocean, summertime, my baptism at the age of 14, experiencing geographic distance from loved ones, equating geographic distance with emotional distance, sunrise on a quiet beach, the wind on your bare ankles, the southeast Alaskan wilderness, eating watermelon on a big rock, doubting the existence of true love, perfume, the sound of a lover kissing your neck, chips, clouds singing, riding in cars. waterfalls, what do you say to someone you wish you still loved?, colors. worship songs from my childhood in the church, spontaneous and hallucinatory visions of nature, the feeling of getting a nice voicemail from your friends, lines from the film “Paris, Texas”, the feeling of freedom and ease in the heart, blueberries, a birthday party every night, and you, my friend, are the special one

Written at the base of the Three Sisters mountains in Sitka, Alaska

-Ben Seretan