Scherzo – S/T


First memory: got really mad at Rob aka Beardy aka Mr. Scherzo when he told me this song was called Taco Tree. Can you really call a song Taco Tree? Can you really call a song this amazing Taco Tree? Fuck you man! This song’s about tacos? Okay, it’s about tacos. Yes, yes you can call it whatever you want.

Scherzo’s entire (currently unreleased) album is super tightly wound and highly composed (and fucking awesome) but Taco Tree is the one song where the band really stretches out and lets loose. Gravesend session drummer fav Jordyn Blakely plays on this and she plays a super heavy Bill Wyman beat. It’s got swagger, you know? I try to rip Jordyn off all the time when I play drums because she does that thing where the playing isn’t mathematically precise as much as it’s thick and funky. Or something. Two memories: Rob’s original scratch vocal was incredible on this song. I’m sure you’ll hear it on the rough mix that appears on the inevitable Scherzo box set in 2027. Also, Rob made us turn down the cymbals at the end of the song which I vehemently disagreed with at the time but listening right now, I love it. You win Beardy, you win.