Additional Credits

Bands/musicians/artists that Julian + Carlos have recorded and/or mixed here:

Ava Luna, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Banned Books, Ben Seretan, Beth Israel, Bitchtits, Bluffing, Brandon Lopez, Bueno, Casiorossi, Carnivores, CATFOX, Chat Logs, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Conveyor, Color Collage, Courtesy Gang, Das Audit, Death Ray Architect, the Due Dilligence, Eartheater, EULA, Fang Island, Fantasmas, Fielded, Foreign Speakers, Francine, Fred Nicolaus, Friend Roulette, Garloscreem, Grass is Green, Guerilla Toss, the Guides, Heroes of Toolik, Honey Wild, How To Be Topp, Howth, Infidel Castro, Jacob Schaeffer, Krill, Laser Background, Laughing Fingers, Leapling, Lianne Bassin, Lizzo, Lost Gloves, Madeleine McMillan, Meenk, Memorial Gore, Miles Arntzen, Mobile Steam Unit, Moondudes, Mr. Twin Sister, Mutual Benefit, Nadia, Night Manager, Norweigan Arms, Ovlov, Palehound, Parlor Walls, Points North, Pony, Quiet Down, Quilty, R Stevie Moore, Radical Dads, Railings, Really Big Pinecone, Retail, Rock Bottom Boy, sad13, Sam Evian, Sam Kulik, Scherzo, Shark?, Speedo, Spencer Tricker, Squad Car, Sweet Tooth, The Teen Age, Tippwerk, the Toothaches, Total Slacker, Transcendental Telecom, Trash Gendar, Tripp Callan, Um Are, Users, Very Fresh, Video Daughters, Warehouse, Weird Rivers, White Gold, WVFRMS, White Suns, Wilder Maker, Yaman Palak, Yeah Well Whatever, Young Runner + more!

Bands/musicians/artists that Dara + Kegan have recorded and/or mixed here:

Alice, Ambulatory, Baifan, Brainfreeze, Brandon Lopez, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, Decorum, Journalism, Madam West, Operator, Queen Giza, Madam West, Penrose, Riverwild, Secret Crush, the Yin Yangs, + more!